It being the season of love and all that, I thought I would share some super spiritual tips to help you singletons attract your perfect partner in!

You can try one of these or all of them or maybe you’d like to bookmark this blog so that you can check in when the time is right for you to try out these tips!

Let’s start with something simple you can add into your normal daily routine


To affirm something basically means to make a confirmation of how something is. So when we look at love we often talk about ourselves in negative terms, like we are undesirable. “Sure no one will have me” is one I hear so often! Obviously, what were doing by saying something like that is confirming to the Universe that we are in fact un-desirable. This is so untrue and the first step in the Tool Kit is to change this negative self-talk story.  

Let’s try some new affirmations:

“I am open and receptive to romantic love”

“I am ready to meet my soulmate”

“I am attractive and desirable”

You can repeat these affirmations in your head while your brushing your teeth, pop them into a daily reminder on your phone to come up during the day, set them as your screensaver so you’re seeing them everytime you check your phone or PC or even pop them around the house (think at the kettle/fridge/tv/bathroom mirror) so you’re seeing them and reminded of them throughout the day! By changing your affirmations to positive ones, you are telling the Universe to provide you with the love you want!

Your love song

What song makes you feel sexy? Or radiant? Or full of love? Music is so powerful and can really affect our moods, having songs that make you feel desirable and loved can really add to the vibration of attracting love into your life. Why not try creating a playlist on Youtube or Spotify that you can listen to everyday!

Some song suggestions:

Simply The Best -Tina Turner

Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Rose Quartz Crystal

The crystal of love! I adore rose quartz, it’s so good for so many things but attracting love is one of it’s most known for qualities! So here’s how to use Rose Quartz to pull in that perfect partner.

Take a piece of rose quartz, give it a rinse with water and leave it on a windowsill to charge up overnight. (It doesn’t have to be full moon to do this). Take the crystal in your left hand and place it over your heart. Tell the crystal that it is going to help you attract your perfect partner and just stay with that thought for a few minutes.

When you’ve programmed your crystal you can do one of two things:

Place it on your bedside table, this will draw love in to your marriage/love area of your home.

Put your rose quartz into your bra, this is closest to your heart chakra so will help to keep you open and receptive to love coming in!

Rose Water

So folklore tells us Rose Water has the power to draw love and affection to a person. May years ago people would wash their underwear in it, hoping it would keep romance fresh and exciting! But don’t worry that’s not my top tip!

To make your own Rose Water you will need to add a large handful of rose petals to a pan of hot water and let them simmer. Allow it to cool before straining. You can put your water into a spray bottle and if you add a few drops of rose essential oil to it it will be a super-powered tonic!

Spray on your clothes or splash some on your neck and wrists to draw love in close!

So there you have some super ideas of things to use in your attract love tool kit, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Let’s hope Cupid’s arrow flies your way!