I heard this phrase for the first time this week and it struck so many chords with me because it really got me thinking about my past self and my present self. And by past self, I don’t mean some past life version of me. I mean Trudie aged 18, Trudie aged 21, Trudie aged 29 even.

The two shall never meet really refers to the younger, past version of me will never meet the woman I am today and for that I am so grateful. Younger versions of me have been depressed, lonely, anxious, lacked confidence and struggled to communicate in all areas of life. And that’s not who I am today.

Today I have confidence, I am relatively care free, happy, and so on. Now none of these things would have happened without younger me experiencing and going through different phases in my life. Younger me’s vibration (energy) was so low. It’s so hard to even imagine myself being that person anymore. My younger self was so happy to settle for substandard relationships, played it safe in every area, refused to dream and certainly wouldn’t step out of her comfort zone. Younger me had a life that was nothing to be envious of.

I’m so glad that those days are behind me now and that so much has changed in my life since that time but I wanted to share with you that this growth didn’t just come from nowhere. I am not who I used to be because of my willingness to change, grow and learn and that’s what I have done. Every day is a new day, every day is a school day. If you know my story, then you will know I hit my rock bottom just after having both my babies. And the one fantastic thing about rock bottom is the only way out of it is up! Once I set the intention that my life was changing everyday, for the better, then everything else started to follow with it.

I believed that I could change my life, I didn’t have a clue how but I felt deep down in my soul that it was happening and that I was ready for it and I was ready. I took steps to change my mindset, to strengthen my connection with the Angels and my Guides because they had been such amazing sources of support and to be more focused and present in my everyday life. On my journey to rock bottom I disconnected from friends and family, I stepped back from making new connections, I isolated myself with my fears and my failings.

But reaching that rock bottom, allowed me to recognise that none of this was what I wanted. I may have never really had a big dream before but when I got to the bottom, I found a dream and that dream was to be the best version of myself, be the best mammy I could ever hope to be, be a good friend, to just do and be my best everyday. So I set that intention that my life was changing, every day for the better and every day it did, because deep down inside me, I believed that with every fibre of my being and I took action every day to have a better day then the day before and be a better version of me than the day before.

Now, if you knew me then and you know me now, I may well look the same (with some wrinkles) on the outside but you wouldn’t recognise my soul, my personality, the real me and that is why I am so grateful that the two will never meet because I much rather this present day me and I am so excited to meet future me too!


Love and blessings,