Beautiful Aquarius, welcome to your 2019 Angelscope. These Angelscopes have been created using a combination of Angel Cards and messages from the Angels & Spirit. All messages are intended to be filled with loving, supportive guidance to make your 2019 an amazing year.


January – Aquarius, your first bit of guidance from the Angels is to plan out (roughly) your year ahead, what things would you like to see, do / experience over the next 12 months. Putting a plan in place can make these goals far more achievable. Especially goals related to travel, get your head around costs and logistics and the world is quite literally your oyster!


February – February should be all about finding your balance Aquarius. Self-care and good health should be top of your agenda followed closely by getting more sleep and getting on top of any loose ends you have in your life. Might not be your most social month but you’ll definitely feel the benefits of getting yourself in order.


March – You have some new opportunities coming your way in March, stuff you are totally capable of doing. Take the chance on yourself, you can do it! Be mindful about paperwork and make sure to read fine print very carefully before signing anything. Also take care of your paperwork and keep receipts/contracts in a safe place you’ll remember.


April – April seems to be a great follow on from March, it seems you may have found your passion for something by now and your ready to do more/learn more. Allow your confidence to flow and enjoy yourself, you need this! Follow your instincts through the month and it’s sure to be a good one!


May – I see sudden changes for you here in May, Aquarius. Be mindful that you don’t get all caught up in your emotions and that you use your logic first. You’ve got to take action now and not bury your head in the sand but think before you act!


June – June sees you accomplishing something or things and feeling pretty successful for yourself. From this you’re allowing some healing to take place for you. This is a good time to let go of some past things that have hurt you, you’re ready to move on now.


July – You are a force to be reckoned with in July, you can do anything you put your mind to. The energy is totally in your favour Aquarius and you can use this to go after what you want! ASk for help and you shall receive.


August – August is a wonderful month for Aquarius to make bold choices and big moves! You can make massive progress on your dreams this month too if your willing to put the effort in. Your also have great energy here for partnerships, a good time to make new ones or heal/improve existing ones. Partnerships can be anything from romantic to career and all in between!


September – Fantastic money month for your Aquarius, you seem to have surplus to your needs so why not treat yourself! Your still in good for those dreams to keep coming true so don’t stop your work on them. Get out in nature as much as you can, it will help you to stay focused!


October – Aquarius, you may have a wobbly beginning to October, as in you’ve got serious doubts in your own abilities but your Angels remind you now that we all have moments like that but if we don’t step past them nothing is achieved. Listen to your heart and do the things you enjoy, confidence will follow.


November – November could be a very busy month for you Aquarius, it will be full of fresh starts. Some of you will decide to move, some of you will move. Some of you will change career or at least put the feelers out. It’s all big changes, endings and beginnings and you know what it’s all good and needed!!


December – Here’s your love month Aquarius, for the committed ones amongst you; December will see many of you taking the next step (Engagement, babies, etc) For the single pringles; if you meet a new partner in December, this is going to be a powerful long lasting relationship…Enjoy it!!


Your Archangel for the year is Gabriel and your colour is orange, express your creativity and follow your passion. Your ready for new challenges and good times!


Have a blessed 2019