Beautiful Capricorn, welcome to your 2019 Angelscope. These Angelscopes have been created using a combination of Angel Cards and messages from the Angels & Spirit. All messages are intended to be filled with loving, supportive guidance to make your 2019 an amazing year.


January – 2018 was rough for you right? Not like total disaster, rough but heavy energetically and quite trying at times. Don’t worry January starts to light up your life, if you can take or organize a mini break this month definitely do it! It’s time to make new plans and dream new dreams, get organized Capricorn, your year is just starting!


February – Throughout February you seem to be doing, doing, doing and working as much as possible. Give yourself a break Capricorn and ask your Angels to send some help to lighten the load. The world won’t stop spinning if you get some help! Stop trying to people please and please yourself, you’ll enjoy February much more that way.


March – No small act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. -Aesop. So March, open that heart wide and do small, random acts of kindness wherever you can and let the good times roll. Try being kind to yourself too and not be so hard on yourself, all in all, a good month!


April – Ready for more travel? The energy is ripe for you in April to take or plan another break. If you plan positively, it will all work out as you plan so remember that in April and that’s even bigger than just travel. What else would bring you joy, plan for that too! All the plans make all the good times roll!!


May – Ok so by May your gonna feel called to do bigger things. There will be no playing it safe in 2019 for you Capricorns so you better get with it! You’ve got to follow the beat of your own drum and start paying attention to the signs of your life’s purpose. The Angels are only to ready and willing to help!


June – In June the Angels ask that you let go of any negative feelings and give them to your Angels to take care of. Keep focused on a positive mindset as best you can otherwise your going to end up with a negative reality and nobody wants that! Any worries you have will be really unnecessary so keep it in mind!


July – July is a good month for you to meet new people, create new friendships and possibly even for the single Capricorns to meet new romantic love interests. It’s also a good month for you to let your confidence shine and to be a little bolder in your actions and words, go for it!


August – Everything is amazing in August, your hard work throughout the year is paying off. You seem to have a good grasp on your finances and your finding abundance is spreading to all areas of your life. Enjoy this incredibly positive time, Capricorns but don’t flit your riches away!


September – I did warn you in August not to flit your money away and we can see why in September. You may need to tighten your belt up when it comes to finances. You can be a little extreme in your money habits, getting back to finding your money balance and you will quickly sort it all out! Also don’t get resistant when it comes to change, it’s needed for your greater good.


October – Capricorn, be mindful of your mindset. It’s cropped up a couple of times already this year it will either be the reason for your downfall or your success so again keep those thoughts of track and mostly positive and you’ll be in a much better position. Always ask your Angels for help when needed and the right kind of assistance will be given to you. October will either be a failure or it will be fabulous, the choice is always yours!


November – Fantastic month for those of you working or in education – news of promotions or awards are plenty in Capricorn circles. Although almost all Capricorns will be feeling a sense of satisfaction through November so it’s good news all around!


December – Your December is all about having that self-confidence to make more bold moves. Believe in yourself Capricorn, there’s a new year about to start with another 365 opportunities and your in a good position to sieze them all. You can do anything you put your mind too so why not focus on your dreams!


Your Archangel for the year is Jophiel and your colour is Yellow! Jophiel will help you to keep those thoughts on a positive track, the colour yellow will boost your happiness and confidence!


Have a blessed 2019