Hi everyone and welcome to your cards for the week ahead,

Card 1 – (Left) – Your blessed power.

You hold so much potential right now and your probably not even aware of it! You have the ability to create &/or manifest the year of your dreams right now. Be mindful though, I feel you are creating a lot of blocks for yourself at the same time. Excuses like I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, I don’t have the money, all need to be closely examined because they could be keeping you suck where you are. The past is done and gone, you can’t go back and change anything. All you have control of is this moment you are in now and the opportunity to shape all your future moments into something far more wonderful. So your message this week is really to think about what it is you would love to be doing/feeling/experiencing and how you can make that happen.

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Card 2 – (Middle) – A blessing through Emotional Upheaval.

Oh dear, you are going through the motions right now aren’t you. I get this feeling that you can’t settle on a thought or a feeling and there’s a lot going on inside your mind right now. Old ways of thinking or doing are being shaken up and challenged and new beliefs are being formed. Your being tested and encouraged to explore what is going on. The energy right now, wants you to change things up in your life but that won’t happen unless your willing to take the necessary action. If you want to see change happen in your life, be the change! Stop waiting for something to happen, stop relying on the old safety nets, push yourself forward, seek out advice and move the mountains that are in your way. Life is yours for the taking, you might not feel that yet but I promise each step you take outside of your comfort zone will bring you a step closer to the life you want to be living.

Also on this card, stop overthinking romantic relationships. Be more in the flow, Whatever your thinking about them just remember this is a story you’ve created in your mind and not the actual reality. Everything will work out once you stop trying to hold control over it.


Card 3 – (Right) – The Blessing of Endless Possibility.

If you’ve chosen card 3 then your very important message this week is to have fun! Honestly! Get creative in your spare time and let your inner child out to play. To some of you this may seem like an unnecessary waste of time and maybe you would much rather get on with the housework but your inner child is a very important part of you and nurturing that child should be part of your routine. Getting out and exploring, jumping in puddles, throwing leaves around, dancing like no one is watching. If you’ve got children in your life, pay attention to what they like to get up to!

Let your spirit break free this week, enjoy life and from that enjoyment and not taking everything so seriously, you will find your receive inspiration and motivation in your own life. Don’t be serious, enjoy it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed your cards for the week ahead. Keep your eyes peeled for a special announcement coming very, very soon!!