Rituals….some people love them, some people hate them.

Personally I err on the side of dislike, I’m super lazy and rituals can become a little bit of a chore for me. They can feel time consuming and icky. I’ve always been about practical Spirituality and big, fancy (and over-complicated) rituals are a nuisance to me.

But if we look at it a little differently, we carry out rituals every single day – We get up of a morning, brush our teeth, shower, get dressed and go to work or do the school run, that’s a daily ritual. We do it so easily now we don’t even think about it! And that’s how (I think) rituals should feel, fluid, easy, practical.

In ancient times, rituals were carried out all of them. In pagan times, each year was marked with regular festivals that all of the community were involved in. This allowed the community to get to grips with the changing of the season. By following the ups and downs of the year, people got to grips with the cycle of their own lives, learning that their are times of great energy and joy alongside times of quiet and introspection; times of birth and rebirth, but, inevitably, times of sadness and grief also.

Having good habits and routine are essential to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. Rituals can help us to feel better on a personal basis but they can also give us a greater sense of community when we work with groups. Without rituals we are more likely to just drift through life.

A ritual can really help us to process with any transitions in our life (menstruation, menopause, relationship breakdowns, grief, illness, etc). And a ritual can literally be anything from lighting a candle and doing a meditation to burning letters, even the most ridiculous sounding ritual can be effective.

When we practice meaningful rituals in our life, we feel we can weather the inevitable changes of life more easily.

I’m going to outline a few rituals that I like and practice regularly. I would love to hear if you practice any and what you do too!

Detoxing Bath:

  1. Light some candles all around the bath.
  2. Get the bath to your preferred temperature.
  3. Add some drops of your favorite essential oils.
  4. Mindfully undress – imagine your dumping all your problems with your clothes.
  5. Sprinkle some Sea/Himalayan salt on a damp face cloth, gently scrub your entire body with small, circular motions. Work your way up the body from the feet up to heart, visualizing any tension being broken up.
  6.  Relax in your bath, visualize the healing water drawing out all negativity of the day or the situation.
  7. As you step out of the bath, look back at the water that contains all your negativity, pain or anger. Bless the water and let it go.
  8. Get yourself to bed, you’ll find your sleep is much improved.

Create an Altar:

An altar should reflect the spirit of the house, by that I mean it should portray the combination of personalities that live in your home. In my home, we have an Altar just inside the front door. I use this Altar for intention setting. So every Friday I send healing to my Soul Sanctuary members, so I set up a crystal grid on a Friday and I put a list of names that the Soulies have asked me to include under the centre crystal. Other days of the week, whenever I need good vibes or want to send good vibes, I write down my intentions and put them on the altar. We generally fill the altar with crystals in my house as the three of us love crystals. Sometimes we pop Angel figurines on their or buddha’s.

Here’s some tips for you to create an altar in your home:

  1. Candles are always a must on every altar.
  2. Your altar is a reflection of you/your home so maybe add a favourite photograph, crystals, flowers, etc
  3. Some incense or an aromatherapy burner can add a nice touch to the space, only ever use your favourite scents.
  4. You can add some figurines or photos of deities.
  5. Remember there are no hard and fast rules about altars, its an up-lifting space that’s a reflection of you. Just add everything you want to it with a positive intention.

To use your altar as part of your ritual practice:

Whenever you want to send or receive healing, take a moment at your altar to light a candle and set the intention of the healing required. Maybe ask the Archangels for help if that is your thing.

Sit at your altar for meditation practice.

If you are into manifestation you could use your altar as a space to write down your intentions/wishes and leave them there on your altar.

There are endless ways to use an altar but it can become a go to thing to have in your home to help you get used to having a ritual.


So now you can see that you can make a ritual out of an everyday thing like having a bath or you can create a space and have a new ritual practice in your home. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy, in fact quite the opposite. Like I said I struggle with rituals when they get big and fancy but keeping it simple is often the key to consistency and I find these are two rituals I can most definitely keep.


Much love,