Energy vampires that is! These are the kinds of people, who will be your friend/ your family/ your work colleagues, etc – they literally are everywhere!

They will meet with you, call you, message you on social media and all they do is moan and whine and complain!

These people are professional pity party hosts!

And do you know what they do to you? They suck out your happy, joyful energy and leave you with feelings like tiredness, no motivation, grumpiness and even just feeling plain weird all while they go bouncing off on your good vibes! 

Do you know an Energy Vampire?

What can we do to make this terror stop I hear you ask!?

Step 1 – Tell them what they are doing! Honesty is always the best policy.

Some people don’t even know they are being negative nellies and stealing your sunshine. They’ve either got caught in the woe is me trap or they’ve been brought up around people who do this and they just think it’s normal. Sometimes telling them the reality of what’s happening is enough to make it stop!

Some people won’t stop no matter how much you tell them. They will think they are entitled to get everything off their chests and that your not supportive of their problems. Look – the problem here lies with them, not with you. I bet you’d help anyone with a genuine problem but piss-takers are a step too far so don’t be afraid to start distancing yourself from these kinds of people!

Step 2 – Protect yo’self!

And not with garlic and crucifixes! Nope I’ve got two effective ways that you can protect yourself from these vampires stealing anymore of your sunshine!

Call in Archangel Michael – You should totes be doing this everyday anyway but yano incase your not start calling him to protect you from any negative shizzle! Simply say something along the lines of –

“Archangel Michael please protect me from any negative encounters throughout my day”

I also find that “Archangel Michael please protect me from the negative wagon that lives at number 23” works equally as well so you know, whatever works for you! 😜

Next – The bubble of light!

I love this one, I sit quite smugly in my bubble let me tell ya! So how does it work – this one requires a bit of visualization on your part but is super effective!! Visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of light – a strong bubble now, not one of those pound shop ones that wibble, wobble and burst! And that bubble can be any colour you like – don’t mind anyone who tells you it has to be a certain colour #colourstealers. You go with what works for you and fuck the begrudgers. And while your sat in this bubble visualize that every word your negative nelly mutters bounces off the bubble and back on to them. They’ll soon notice they are not feeling any better and will stop using you as a sounding board!

And ta-da like magic that’s how you stop the Energy Vamps and mind your own energy! And the best bit – no one will even know your doing it! 

Hope it helps you  Trudie xx