This is probably going to be the maddest thing you read on the Internet today!

In celebration of World Earth Day today the 22nd of April 2018 I wanted to share some of the mythology I’ve learned of over the years about Gaia (Mother Earth). It’s an interesting although crazy read so stick with it!

Ancient Greek legend from over 8,000 years ago says the first things to come into existance were water & mud. The mud took shape and became Gaia.

Another legend says that Gaia emerged out of Khaos (Air) before giving birth to the heavens and the seas. Gaia then went on to have an immaculate conception and birthed her son Uranus (The heavens). Later Gaia & Uranus went on to have several gigantic children together. They included 3 one-eyed giants called Cyclopses, Three giant Hecatonchires (They had 50 heads & 100 hands each) and the 12 Titans (The God’s who ruled the world before being overthrown).

(I did warn you this was going to be the maddest thing you read on the internet today)

Gaia was said to have been an angry being and Uranus terrified of his own children, hatched a plan. He threw the children back into the womb of Gaia. Obviously Gaia was incredibly uncomfortable with all these Giant beings inside of her so she made a plan with her youngest son Cronus (The God of Time) to take revenge on Uranus. She handed Cronus a scythe to attack Uranus with. The next time Uranus came to visit Gaia, Cronus crept out of his hiding place and castrated his father!

With his father out of the way Cronus went on to become ruler of all the world. He taught men to be more civilised to each other and people lived longer happy lives because of him. But Gaia foretold long before Cronus killed Uranus, that one of Cronus’s own children would overthrow him. Cronus married his own sister Rhea and when she gave birth he swallowed the baby. He did this 5 times before Rhea seeked out Gaia for help! Gaia told her the next time she gave birth she should wrap a rock in a cloth to fool Cronus into thinking he had swallowed the baby. So she did and she gave the real baby to Gaia to hide. That baby went on to be Zeus, King of the Gods, who eventually murdered and cut up his father Cronus using the same scythe Cronus used years before to kill his own father.

In ancient Rome the mythology is quite different and goes like this. There was a spirit called Cura playing by a river with mud. She shaped that mud into a figure of a human and asked Jupiter (The Roman version of Zeus) to breathe life into the mud figure. He did this but then he wanted to keep the new being and they argued over who was the rightful owner. While they did Terra (the Roman name of Gaia) turned up and said the new being should be hers as it had been made out of the earth just like her. They all eventually agreed to ask Saturn (The Roman version of Cronus) to decide who should have the mud being and he decided none of them should have it.

He decided to set the being free and call it Homo (Man) He also decreed that as long as Homo lived he would be ruled by trouble & strife and that when man died his body should return to the earth and his spirit back to the Gods.

So there you have it some crazy mythology on Gaia or Mother Earth as shes better known! I hope you’ve enjoyed this wacky read!

Love and blessings,