January –  gorgeous Gemini,  don’t start the year by going with the flow.  It is important for you to take some time in January and carefully plan your year.  Take time to consider what you would like to feel, experience, see and do over the next 12 months.  If you plan optimistically, it will work out for you. This could turn into a very prosperous year if you take the time to decide what you want and how you’re going to get it.  There will be no winging it this year.


February –  Gemini you absolutely need to believe in yourself.  After all if you do not believe in you, who will? You are strong and capable,  kind and loving, everyone wants what’s best for you but you often give in to fear to easily.  Let February be your month to push your limits, step out of that comfort zone and say yes to opportunity.  You can absolutely do this. brave steps bring beautiful results.


March – An exciting month for you Gemini, you seem to be surrounded by abundance. You will find that you receive unexpected gifts of time, money or other niceties. You have opportunities open to you, especially surrounding career and your opening your eyes to the possibilities. Shine your light brightly and let the world see you, this is your time.


April – In April there’s this feeling or sense of ticking something off the bucket list, a big goal or dream you have comes to fruition. Through your own hard work of course, so make sure your not resting on your laurels through the first couple of months of 2019 because you have the chance to really see your dreams come true. Open fields and hills are calling you, spend time in such places to help you continue to open up your horizons.


May – You may need to revise some plans that you made at the start of the year, the timing and cost of these plans might not be right for you right now. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever get to do or achieve them, it just means sometimes you have to look at what’s right, right now. Be mindful of not over-spending and don’t try to do everything by yourself, you’ve got some great people around you only too willing to help!


June – Be careful of other people and their drama, step back and let them sort their own shit out. Any challenges that crop up you can easily resolve, providing your not feeding into negative energy. Have patience and allow things to work out without adding stressful energy to them. Take time to meditate and find your own peace inside. It’s not a bad month, just one where you could do with avoiding drama! There will be plenty of good times too.


July – All your material needs are met in July, all financial issues that any Gemini may be facing will be resolved throughout the month. You will find many good people around you that are so giving with their time and good energy. Give and receive with a grateful heart throughout the month and it will come back to you ten-fold. Mind your language, as your a manifesting goddess in July, talk and think positively and watch as the magic happens.


August – August in your month to let go, release the past and let yourself step into the new. You may find your a tad emotional throughout the month, just let it all out. No use in holding it all in, it will only come back around again and again. Again nature is calling you. Make sure to spend a lot of time in it, letting stuff go and grounding your energy. Let your loved ones in close as you can and don’t hold people at a distance!


September – You may find your soul yearning for more in life, come September. Surround yourself with forward focused people, people who are living their purpose and take inspiration from them. Take advice from friends and family who are well meaning but also see points in you that you don’t see in yourself. Explore what it is your yearning for, and plan around your new ideas and inspirations.


October –  Some very positive and exciting times to be had throughout October, you are a magnet for positive people and experiences. Success can be yours in October if you remain positive and optimistic. Here’s a chance for you to have a restart of anything that is not working out for you so take it with both hands!


November – Love is in the air in November, do everything from a place of love and it will all work out for you. Single Geminis, can expect to meet exciting people who will bring a whole lot of fun into your life. Geminis in love can expect surprises and excitement planned with their significant other. Let the love flow and enjoy it, it can be a heart fluttering month for you!


December – From the full moon on December 12th to the 26th is a very powerful time for you, pay close attention to your intuition and follow your inner guidance. Animals can be great companions for you in December. Spend December sorting through what worked and what didn’t work for you throughout the year, tie up any loose ends and cut ties with anything you don’t want to bring into 2020 with you!


Your 2019 Gemini, is filled with positive and amazing experiences. Yes there’s some emotional turmoil but that’s life isn’t it, it can’t be all sunshine and roses all of the time. Money issues and love are all in good stead this year, pay attention as things crop up and stay on top of your plans. All will come right! Let me know how your Angelscope is for you!