I’m Shit With Money


Wowsers! It’s a statement that rolls off the tongue of so many people BUT it’s go the hugest of massive impacts.


As I work with entrepreneurs we talk money an awful lot.  Money isn’t everything for my gorgeous clients but it’s a pretty important part of being in business.  If your business doesn’t make money then it’s not a business at all.


BUT don’t turn away if you’re not in business because this bad boy is about your attitude and mindset towards money rather than the entrepreneurial guide to cash and finances.


The famous quote “money makes the world go round” can often feel like we live in a very capitalist kinda environment and money can turn even the most grown up of people into terrible children.   We bring stacks of money stories into the present from our past.  Money stories such as “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that you have to work really hard to be affluent or that people who are rich are somehow flawed.  When we examine the stories we bring to money it’s evident that we are providing ourselves with lots of reasons why money is a bad thing.


The truth is ~ money is simply energy.


Money is an energetic exchange, whether that’s for work done or whether that’s in exchange for goods/services.  Money is priceless and worthless all at the same time YET we give it a whole shed load of power over us.


We need to start with the real basics when it comes to cash;


UNCOVER ~ start off by grabbing a journal or a notebook and starting to think about what stories you are telling yourself about money, which lines do you constantly repeat (either out loud or to yourself) when it comes to dealing with money/spending money or thinking about money.   Think about your early memories of money ~ what were you conditioned to think about people who had money?  Was money hard to come by?  Where people very protective or deceitful or frivolous with money whilst you were growing up?  What do you remember people saying around money?  I like to write down all the self talk and then take the opportunity of playing a game of “truth or big fat lie.”  The act of writing down your self talk when it comes to money allows you to discharge the statements you are making of their emotional charge.  If you see those statements in black and white you can be more objective over them.  Are they the truth or are they a big fat lie?   Also decide as to whether you need to bring the money stories of other people into your life ~ does it serve you to hold on to that story?


RELEASE ~ It’s time to make peace with your money mindset.  It’s no good beating yourself up and telling yourself that you are shit at money, that you never hold on to money, that you haemorrhage money, that it’s spent before it’s made, that it’s the reason you can’t do what you want in life.   It’s time to forgive yourself from all that’s gone before.  You can’t change any of that shit and holding on to it simply isn’t serving.


RE-WRITE ~ it’s time to re-write those stories.  “I’m shit with money” can soon be changed into “I’m a good custodian of money, I know that money is energy and I spent both energy and money consciously and wisely,”  “I accept abundance into my world,” “Money flows to me freely.”  Give yourself a new money mantra to get you going.


TAKE STOCK ~ firstly, it’s time to take your head out of the sand with all things money.  You don’t have to get all anal about it but you DO need to know where you are right now.  If it feels particularly shite when you do take stock then back to RELEASING because you are not going to hold onto that feel and ACCEPTING because you are where you are.  You ain’t staying there BUT knowledge is power and accepting where you are will allow you to move forwards.  Secondly, make sure you are checking in with your money mindset regularly and pull yourself up when you start the old self talk around it.  Go back through the steps if you need to.


ACTION PLAN ~ what are you going to do about it? Plan?  Budget?  Look at ways to increase your income?  Look at ways to cut your expenditure?  Remember, you are a good custodian of money so now’s the time to look after it and nurture it.


When I’m working with entrepreneurs I always say that “back of the fag packet” kinda calculations aren’t going to cut it.  You need to know exactly how you are spending this energy and what you’re spending it on.  Chances are that if you took a hike through your bank statement you’d realise that there’s stuff in there that you could cancel, re-negotiate or re-prioritise.


Make a pact to make conscious decisions.  Don’t scrimp in one area to over indulge in another area.  Take a balanced view.


Know that spending money doesn’t make you feel better in the long run and when you are making purchases make them because you want to, because they make your heart sing, because you’re making a conscious decision to make that purchase.


You aren’t here to survive or to just do enough to get by.  I know that so often people fall into the getting by mentality because they are frightened to push themselves just that little bit further.  That push is usually in terms of mindset rather than actual graft so shouldn’t be a push that scares you.


Can you imagine how much free-er you’d be with you made that decision to change the way you thought about, acted around and dealt with your finances?


I find that the entrepreneurs that take their head out of the sand, accept where they are, change their mindset around cash and make a plan to improve their finances are the entrepreneurs that make more money and do it with ease and grace.  Those who stay stuck in their bad money mindset are the constant hustlers that just scrape by.


It’s your choice!!


Emma Holmes is the Proud Owner and Founder of Rebels & Rockstars: a hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul.

Find Emma’s website here – https://www.emmaholmeshq.com


Helping heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs to build ridiculously big businesses is her vocation, and she still pinches herself sometimes, that this is actually her job. (She used to be a lawyer who loved living in corporate land, but when mummy guilt arrived, she challenged herself to a new adventure.)


Emma’s also an outsource cheerleader, and a spiritual but practical kind of soul. And she is definitely not scared of a challenge. (She set herself the biggest challenge of her self-employed life in 2015 – to grow a £100k online business without using the ‘tried-and-tested icky sales techniques’ that £100k biz owners usually resorted to.)


Her 2015 success story has since been put to good use (many times), and Emma is positively thrilled to have helped her clients with some pretty amazing online launches – 18k income in one day, launches of £54k+ in sales, and a 30K in 30 days project are just a tiny snapshot of her clients’ achievements.


But what makes Emma beyond ordinary is that she has her own interpretation of business success, and it isn’t about totting up your bank balance.  She knows real, long-lasting business success is about creating a sustainable business you love, which grows naturally, fits around your lifestyle and family, and enables your authenticity, and sparkly personality to shine.


As well as being a real-life human blogging machine, Emma has also been featured on That’s Manchester TV and BBC Radio. She’s written for Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, and MeMeMe.  


In a nutshell, she’s proud to be a square peg who doesn’t care about round holes and fitting in boxes. And she encourages her clients to do the same.