Beautiful Libra, welcome to your 2019 Angelscope. These Angelscopes have been created using a combination of Angel Cards and messages from the Angels & Spirit. All messages are intended to be filled with loving, supportive guidance to make your 2019 an amazing year.


January – Libra you have probably walked into 2019 with some ideas of things you would like to do and achieve this year. January is your first chance to start getting things done put some action steps in place now to get these goals ticked off through the year. Treat yourself real good this month, maybe you could get a fabulous deal on a spa trip?


February – A little trip away seems to be a great idea in February. It’s very important for you to keep taking those action steps and ticking off goals and dreams. Take a look at anything that’s weighing you down? What baggage can you let go of in February, lovely Libra?


March – Be mindful of your thoughts through March. Being negative or over focused on fear will only create a negative reality. You’ve some wonderful Earth Angels all around you who are only too willing to help you get out of any funk you may find yourself in. So call on your friends and the people you love to share laughter and joy with.


April – You may find that your procrastinating as you come into April about making changes in your life but you’re being offered massive opportunities here to really change things up. With each change you create, you have more opportunities and happiness that come with them. Thing BIG and push forward!


May – Procrastination and any unwillingness to make changes comes to an end in May. Your feeling good and your ready to make serious progress in your life. Your grace and elegance are important features for you to embrace this month. Opportunities are landing in your lap and your being recognized for your hard work.


June – June is going to be an amazing fast-paced month for you lovely, Libra. You are embracing change and opportunity and your happiness is on the increase daily. There are very few delays or obstacles in your life right now and your generally feeling great, continue with the progress for your goals.


July – Balance is the most important thing for you through July. If you have any legal matters or your waiting for decisions to come through, July is the month for good resolutions for Libras. Mind your energy through the month and stop giving too much of your energy away to other people.


August – Some dreams are being lived this month for Libra’s! Feeling good as you know your hard work throughout the year to achieve things has been realized. Be grateful throughout August and express gratitude for all the wonderful things & people in your life on a daily basis. So much happiness around you in August, Libra, enjoy it!


September – Ooooh Love is all around you Libras through September. For the single ones amongst you, there is opportunity to meet your perfect partner. But you have got to be prepared to step outside your comfort zone. For you lovely Libras in relationships, this a great chance to level up. Commitments like making joint purchases/ opening joint accounts, engagements, setting wedding dates, etc will all be very special times for couples including Libra’s.


October – It’s important to review situations before making any decisions. Please do make sure your being objective too. It’s imperative that your honest, especially about how your feeling. Maybe you need to have a chat with a loved one about what’s going on with you, through October. Trust that by getting things off your plate, you will help your growth.


November – A wonderful abundant month for you Libra! Money will be in great flow and all your material needs are met. Do everything with a kind heart and look for the best in everyone and everything and practice your gratitude exercises. There’s a lot of magic in your life through November and enjoy it!


December – December is a fantastic month for Libra’s to take a break away or do a house move. Great time for you to make new plans for the New Year, you’ve done wonderful at achieving your goals this year and with the steps you’ve got used to taken this year towards your goals,you will have created good habits for 2020. December is relatively stress free month for you. Kick back and enjoy it!


Your Archangel for the year is the Archangel Michael, Michael will help you to get organized, have structure and help you to take action in your life, along with protecting you. Your power colour is Royal Blue, wear it when you need to communicate better!


Have a blessed 2019