Ok so this may become a mini or mega rant depending but can we all stop it with the pissy life is out to get me Facebook posts!!

Let me make this abundantly clear from the beginning, energy flows where energy goes so if your filling your Facebook feed or your real day to day life with “my life is soooooooo hard” posts and thoughts then yeah your life is so hard and has no hope of improving because you are setting yourself up for a big fat fail!

I’m so tired of hearing people say I can’t, I won’t, I’ll never, I don’t deserve and the other side of the coin the pissy projection posts “my ex this, my ex-friend that, my f**king landlord the other” (by the way feel free to enter any kind of person in there, I’ve seen them all at this stage.

My god, are we living in a world gone mad? Are we so focused on running ourselves and others down for what? A few Facebook likes and a sympathy vote from a few fake acquaintances, really?

Alright Negative Nelly, you rock on there with your pity party for one. I’ll be over here with my positive pants on enjoying life!

OK your ex may have done the shittiest thing ever or your friend was so fake and hurt you big time but that does NOT mean life is out to get you. Far from it, it means you’ve got a lesson to learn and if someone has shown you their true colours, count your blessings because now you can get away before anymore damage is done! This culture we live in of Facebook naming and shaming, “I’m gonna show the world who you really are” is a load of bollix and I for one am absolutely sick of it.

I don’t care what your friend does or did. I don’t care how much of an arse you think your landlord is or how you got cheated on a bazillion times. Stop trying to influence my opinion of another person and stop thinking your doing the world a service by sharing your tale of woe. All your doing is sharing your stinking negative vibes and I know where the unfriend button is and I am not afraid to use it!

If you want to share your shite on Facebook or any other social media platform then expect more of the same, if you want to stay in the vibration of anger, annoyance, jealousy, insecurity well then expect to get a shit ton of it back because that’s how the Universe works and it won’t stop spinning because you’ve hopped up on your soap box!

For the sake of all that is good in the world please stop offloading your shite onto Facebook. The world needs more positive vibes and good news story and no one needs to know what Mary at number 28 is doing that you don’t like!

Live your life, make mistakes, get hurt, dust yourself off and try again. Stick your positive polly pants on for once. Life is NOT out to get you!!

Wrote with love, for everyones sanity,