I am so excited for this full moon because in case you haven’t noticed we haven’t had a full moon in February!

This Full Moon is going to get March started with a bang! Trust me when I say, we NEED this!

This month has just felt for us so many of us that we are on a merry-go-round just going around and around, seeing the same stuff over and over and by now a lot of us are looking for our lives to shake up a bit!

This full moon is in Virgo so it’s all about dealing with your reality and what you can create in your world! This is going to be a big event for us! Here’s what’s going to happen, it’s going to force us to look at what’s going on in our life. It’s going to make us feel more practical and have a get things done mentality. It’s also going to make us get rid of anything that is not serving us anymore. So this moon is going to be a huge wake up call!!

This full moon is going to get us back on track, we are going to be waking up to what we haven’t been paying attention to lately also! Because of other planetary alignments this week we are also going to be creating boundaries – We will be showing people where not to cross us!

We will also be coming to the realization of our destiny, it’s like it’s been there for a while but we just haven’t had the oomph to push for it, well now here comes the oomph!

As I said we are going to be looking at the reality of our lives, this can be an emotionally testing time but hey you know what, it’s better to see things as they are and deal with them then to be just blindly swimming along with no direction!

We need this shock to the system, this wake up call and this push to change things up! By the end of next week you should really feel better and be looking at what fulfills you in a practical way!

All the planets have been direct since January 2nd, that kind of means that we’ve all be flying through the first two months at lightspeed in a sleep like state. We haven’t been getting things done and we haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on! So coming into March we will have Mercury entering retrograde which is really going to give us a good shake. Why? Because since all the planets have been direct we’ve just had stuff coming, coming and coming at us but when one of them goes retrograde it means that we have this space to sort out all this information, things and people we’ve been receiving for the last two months. This will help us to move forward in life with our ducks in a row.

SO THIS IS GOING TO BE HECTIC………WHOOP WHOOP!! But very, very needed!

So enjoy this time, enjoy the shake up, lets see you make your dreams a reality with the amazing energy that’s about!