Meditation has become one of the most powerful tools on this planet. It can help with a whole variety of stuff – Being more Spiritual, Connecting with your Angels, Overcoming Anxiety & Depression, Improved Sleep, Increased Awareness, Focus, Manifestation. Head on to Youtube and you can literally find a million and one meditations for any occasion and it’s literally one of the first responses your going to get from any spiritual or lifestyle guru.

Want to be healthier? Meditate

Want to find love? Meditate

Want to attract money? Meditate

And so on and so forth! Now I know I do recommend meditation and I recommenced it because it can and will help in the right scenarios but I do know meditation can be so overwhelming for so many people. And I also know nobody wants to be the one who says “I find meditation so hard” or “I can’t meditate”. I’m going to be totally honest with you here – I have not always found meditation so easy and I do not meditate all the time! Shock horror, nobody call the spiritual police!

I have been meditating for seven years now and it’s not always bloody easy! God there’s some days I would rather bang my head against the wall then meditate. And I know full well it’s everywhere, hop onto Facebook for a 5 minute check and your almost guaranteed to find someone talking about meditation. If you struggle with meditation, this is just going to add to the feelings of failure in the meditation department. Bleh, enough already. Let’s make meditation more simplistic and less overwhelming today!

If I say red and you seen green – it’s fine!!

Guided meditations often drive people doolally because the speaker could tell you about a red chair and all you can see is a frigging green chair and you spend 5 minutes trying to force the chair to change colour and you can’t and suddenly you realize that you’ve missed 5 minutes of the meditation and now you’ve no clue what your doing so you give up! STOP! If you’ve got a green chair or a purple sky, you go with it! Stop the stress, there could be a reason yours is different so check in with your spiritual friends or mentors what it means but don’t try force a change!

I can’t meditate for more than 5/10 minutes!

You absolutely can but if you keep telling yourself you can’t then your so right, you can’t! I always say to people if you can do 5 minutes right now that’s great, but next time try a 6 or 7 minute meditation, and once you’ve mastered that then move onto 10 minutes and so on. But if today all you have time for is 5 minutes, 5 minutes is perfect too!

I can’t stop thinking!

Fantastic, that means your definitely human. If you can just switch off your brain like you would a light switch then you have probably no need to be reading this right now. Meditation absolutely can help you quiet the mind but it won’t make the mind quiet! When you enter meditation if you find thoughts are roaming to what’s for dinner or did you remember to know the immersion off that’s all totally ok! Just embrace the thoughts and stop pushing them away, the more you push, the more they will push back in. So if your wondering about dinner spend a moment with it and remind yourself that your only meditating for 10/15 minutes (or whatever it may be) and you can come back to the dinner thoughts when your done.

No, I mean I really cannot stop thinking!

OK, I get it. It’s happened to me to, get a pen and paper before you meditate and write all your thoughts down. Yes even the nonsensical ones too! Stick them under your bum wherever you sit down to meditate and trust that they are safe and well there for the duration of your meditation and you can absolutely come back to them as soon as your done!

I can’t sit still.

That’s OK then, lie down. Lie on your back, Lie on your side, lie on your belly. I wouldn’t recommend standing up for it but don’t feel so limited in ways you can move to make yourself comfortable.

I don’t have time

Ah, this gem crops up time and time again. It’s a big fat EXCUSE!! Sorry guys but we all have 5/10 minutes somewhere in the day. Could be right before you go asleep or just as you wake up in the morning but there’s 5-10 minutes in the day somewhere!

I don’t want to meditate every day!

Either do I…As I’ve said there is some days I’d rather bang me head off the wall then meditate and do you know what if I don’t meditate the world keeps spinning anyway! So it’s ok to not meditate everyday but it’s not ok to avoid meditation when you need it. I know I need to meditate every now and again for my mental health’s sake at least. I promise you this, by not meditating every day it does not make me less spiritual, less happy or less of anything really.

Just go with the flow guys, some days the flow is in your favor and you can a meditating superstar other-days you’d rather spend your day on Facebook arguing with trolls! Eitherway it’s all gravy!

Love and blessings,