I’ve never visited the Akashic Records before. I’ve been given glimpses of my own Record through meditations and in dreams but I’ve never gone to where they are held until this week!

As you may or may not know I have been unwell this week (and then Safia got unwell but that’s a whole other story!) so I stepped back from work and life and just focused on myself. I have access to some classes that I had been meaning to catch up on for a while and Understanding the Akashic Records was one of them. Anyway it called to me on Monday to go check it out and I did. I decided before I listened to the class to do the meditation, that way I was going in with no pre-conceptions, I would be just totally open to whatever was about to occur.

For your benefit I’ll explain a couple of things first before I share what happened in my visit.

An Akashic Record is basically the book of your life, well to be fair to it, it’s the book of all your lives. It hold’s every thought, deed or emotion or intention that you’ve ever done in this life or in your past lives. Before we take a journey down to Earth to start a new life we will document certain things in the records, things we want to feel or experience but mostly we leave it blank and we explore our free will. It is not a physical book rather it is an energetic record and they are held in the 7th dimension. We are living in the 3rd dimension. I know the Archangel Metatron is the keeper of the records and like I’ve said I’ve only ever seen glimpses of them before so I didn’t really have any expectations of what was to come.

The meditation started off lovely, focusing on the breath, relaxing the body, bringing in white light to heal and then going into the visualization of travelling to the 7th dimension. I don’t really recall what the meditation said but I do remember it felt like I was being shot up through this tunnel of bright lights and bold colours. When you reached the 7th dimension, your main Spirit Guide was to meet you and I remember the meditation was talking about them warmly welcoming you. Instead my main Spirit Guide Sam simply said “Come” and walked off. I shouted back at him that he was being a dick, the nice lady doing the meditation said he was to be nice to me! He didn’t even bat an eyelid at me, just gave me his usual no nonsense, all business look. Where I met him  was outside some building, huge buildings, that didn’t look old or new, it was very warm and the sun was shining brightly. There was lots of other people walking around, doing their business. Everyone was walking with a guide, so it was like a melting pot of all cultures and races.

My Spirit Guide led me into the building on our left, and oddly enough once I walked in through the huge front door I was standing in a room that looked like the Sky, Blue with White fluffy clouds. There was no floor, no ceiling, no walls and no furniture that I could visibly see but yet there was an awareness that there was. This room was huge and I had an awareness that it stretched on for an infinity too. I also had this knowing that I accessed this room at night time I would see the Stars and the Moon and the planets instead of the daylight sky. I didn’t have to walk far into the room, my book was held in the first drawer. So like I said there was no furniture and no walls but basically my guide said “Stop” as we entered the room. “Here” meaning we were where we needed to be to get my record and “There” pointing to where I needed to place my hand. Are you sensing my Spirit Guide is a man of few words, I can assure you he is sod all help in a crisis! So on the “wall” that looked like a blue sky we placed a hand each and out popped this drawer just like a filing cabinet. And there was my book, 6 books in. My book was huge, really thick, brown leather cover, gold edged pages and well read, I had a sense I’ve spent a lot of time with this book over the years.

So I had this question about why was my book in the first drawer and I wasn’t about to ask Sam the Spirit Guide who is as much use as a Chocolate Teapot to me at times. And then answer came into my head “Because your one of the first spirits ever created” and you know when you get that duh feeling when you already know something, that is what I felt! So then my next question came and that was why is my book so big and again the answer came “because of how many times you’ve been here” and again I got the duh feeling! Sam was growling at me at this stage over the other side of the open drawer. I often think I have the patience of a Saint compared to him. So I picked the book up and I can’t say I seen things on the pages and for a huge book this was surprisingly as light as feather. I did however see things in my mind, so I started having flashbacks! I was flicking through all these lives I’ve had. Now I’ve visited at least 6 of my past lives before but I hadn’t visited these ones. I seen Dinosaurs, Tribes, Victorian times, Witches and countless other things that I’m still trying to make sense of. I had this knowing that I’ve been Spiritual in everyone of them. I was a medicine woman, a witch, a priest, a priestess and so on. And I also got this overwhelming feeling that I was coming to the end of my lives on earth. I will probably only incarnate one or two more times, my book is almost full and my work here is almost done.

The next thing that happened was just surreal but oh so lovely, my nan came in to my right hand side while I was still looking down at the book. And she let out a laugh and said “oh we have had some good times” and I said back to her “You’ve been to a few of these with me huh?” and she answered “A few too many more like” while laughing. She then said “there’s nothing you need to know right now just that everything’s taken care of” and it was then the realization hit me that most people come to their records to see what’s in store for them or to try and make sense of what’s happening in their lives. I didn’t I just came in with no preconceived notions, just curious to see what it was all about.

And then it struck me why Sam was being so stroppy, I’ve done this on him a lot, dragged him places I’ve been a thousand times, all excited because I think it’s my first time. So I told him I was done. “Good” he replied “because it’s not time to learn more about the past or the future. You know what you need for right now, deal with that.” So that was that, I put the book back in it’s place and closed the drawer. I hugged my nan and said “See you later, you mad thing” and walked out and came back down to my physical body sat in my kitchen chair knowing everything I needed to know!

And that’s my experience thus far with the Akashic Records.

Much love,