Beautiful Pisces, welcome to your 2019 Angelscope. These Angelscopes have been created using a combination of Angel Cards and messages from the Angels & Spirit. All messages are intended to be filled with loving, supportive guidance to make your 2019 an amazing year.


January – Oooh Pisces what a start to your year, reasons to celebrate! Either coming from your significant other,your closest friend or your children (if you have any). This is a great month to spend lots of time with friends and having a laugh so make sure your doing that.


February – February offers you a lot of opportunities, Pisces. I feel especially around leveling up your career skills. This could be a fantastic time for you to learn a new skill and/or receive a promotion. If your not working right now consider a course to help you learn new skills for future use.


March – You’ve got big things to achieve Pisces, considering many of you are born in March it’s no wonder this thought process is cropping up now. Another year older and what? You’ve got goals to achieve, take a look at your life and see where your being unfulfilled and change it up. Power is in your hands.


April – Ready for more travel? The energy is ripe for you in April to take or plan another break. If you plan positively, it will all work out as you plan so remember that in April and that’s even bigger than just travel. What else would bring you joy, plan for that too! All the plans make all the good times roll!!


May – May is your big decision making month, what or who you taking into the rest of 2019 with you and what are you leaving behind. You have some healing work to do and you know a clear out in all senses is just what you need. Declutter and detoxify your life and watch the happiness spread.


June – Your communication being clear is very important through June, speak with an open heart. It’s important to be objective and not to get to overcrowded by your emotions. Your ambitious and you have things to do, clearing up any issues will get you closer to achieving your goals.


July – Through July, it’s important for you Pisces, to find your peace. Surround yourself with water, trips to the beach, lakes or rivers will find you feeling much more at ease. Your psychic senses are totally heightened through July. Pay attention to the signs & symbols your receiving.


August – August is a great month for you Pisces to take a trip across water and have a breakaway. This is also a great time for you to do some goal planning, what’s your next steps and how are you gonna reach your goals? Think about it and act upon it!


September – September is your money month Pisces, you seem to be in an abundant flow that allows for you to enjoy life’s luxuries. Life at home is good too, make plans with family and friends and enjoy the flow that your in.


October – Work with your instincts through October, Pisces. You’ll know what you need to do and when to do it. It’s important that you don’t ignore what’s on your plate and your getting things done as they need to be done.


November – Pisces, if you have any goals regarding education, up-skilling or picking up a new hobby that your passionate about, November will be an amazing month for you. It’s important for you to get your head into the game and start spending time on your learning.


December – December will be a wonderful closure to a good year for you Pisces, your dreams are very much in reach and any little issues will be cleared up before December ends. Believe in yourself and your goals being achievable and 2020 will get off to a wonderful start for you


Your Archangel for the year is Gabriel and your colour is healing green. Your an emotional soul and you have some releasing to do through 2019 but you’ll get it done if you ask for the help from Raphael.


Have a blessed 2019