January – Scorpio your January is a love filled month. Single scorpios will find that they have the opportunity to meet and connect with their twin flame through the month of January. Your twin flame is the love of your life, the other half of your heart but Scorpio, be warned, you must be willing to take the opportunities and to let the guard down around your heart. Love trumps all. For scorpios in a relationship you will find commitment and value in your relationships to be very important in your existing relationships. Any relationships that are not aligned to these values will be relationships that you consider walking away from. If they are aligned you will find yourself being drawn to expressing your love and committment even more. The archangel Raphael energy is incredibly strong around all scorpios in January


February –  Scorpio again you have very strong love energy through the month of February. Surround yourself with nature & beauty, fresh flowers, allow yourself treats and step back from any situations that are tiring boring or stressful. Say yes to parties and celebrations, gatherings of friends and loved ones. Allow yourself to enjoy company and relish in the good times. February can be such a happy month for you if you allow yourself to get out and experience it.


March – By now Scorpio you should be seeing that the theme of your year is Love and March is no exception to this theme. In March your loved one may need you a little bit more than normal, they may be emotional upset or frustrated, don’t run at the sight of trouble. Support your loved one and you will be rewarded. Two hearts working together is better than one working alone. You and the one you love can create something wonderful together in March and by working together you can heal any past issues that you have not been able to heal alone.


April –  Scorpio for April looks to be a very exciting month full of passion, opportunity and inspiration. You have options open to you which can lead you to amazing things. Don’t be afraid to take chances this month and to push yourself as far as you possibly can. Say yes to experiencing new things and going new places spending time by water will be very beneficial to your overall well-being. This month it’s time for you to start aiming for new heights.


May –  May sees the end of a cycle for you a cycle that you have been in for around 7 years. Now it’s time for you to break free of a pattern that you have been holding onto. Be patient at this time and allow yourself to feel fully what is coming up for you. Success is on the horizon for you now Scorpio, you just need to be a little bit patient and be willing to compromise where ever needed. Be mindful not to be too obsessive or over analytical throughout May. Forgiving and letting go will be very beneficial for you.


June-  Wear the colour blue, work with blue crystals and ask the archangel Gabriel for help. Your communication skills need an upgrade in June.  It is very important for you to communicate openly and honestly. You may prefer to keep your emotions, thoughts and personal feelings under wraps normally but this will not benefit you right now. Remain true to yourself but don’t hide yourself away. You seem to be at a cross where you can go back to bleakness or step forward into the light. The choice is yours Scorpio.


July –  July is your month for fast powerful change Scorpio.  This is your new beginning, your chance to start fresh.  Your keyword for July is progress. You seem to have the Midas touch and whatever you do throughout the month of July is going to be very powerful and will award you many future opportunities.  You may start looking for a new place to live or a new place to spend time, consider somewhere close to the water, this is where you will find your peace. Life right now is exciting and full of good fortune.


August –  You have many people around you in August who want to help and support you,  allow the ones you trust the most in closest. You have much to do yet in your life and much to achieve,  you are determined and ambitious, and there is nothing that can stop you once you set your mind to it. You are forward focused Scorpio, use that to your advantage right now and create a plan of what it is you want to achieve and some of the steps that will get you there. Like I said allow your most trusted friends/loved ones in close and accept their assistance in making your plans a reality. This could be a very abundant month for you if  get your head down and communicate.


September –  September will reward you with many opportunities Scorpio to expand and improve the plans that you’ve made throughout the month of August . Trust in your intuition,  listen to your own inner guidance and take that guidance on board and act on it. Not much scares you Scorpio but if you do find that fear is cropping up in your life throughout September,  face the fear and push forward. It’s time for you to grow stronger in your abilities. The phase from the full moon in the middle of the month to the new moon at the end of the month will be a very powerful time for you use the Luna energy to your advantage.


October-  A month of Celebrations for you Scorpio, because you’ve provided yourself with reasons to celebrate. Surround yourself with friends  and loved ones. Expect to hear a lot of baby & pregnancy news in October. Scorpio, there may also be a lot of news surrounding engagements and weddings too. Green is your colour for the month of October,  wear it well, it will bring you luck especially in love.


November –  balance is key in November,  especially keeping your own energy in balance.  Try not to burn the candle at both ends. Make time to indulge in self care and hobbies, that you enjoy. Watch your diet and your sleep, and maybe even stock up on your vitamins and indulge in self care treatments. Any legal issues that scorpio’s may face especially around November  need to be fought for. Do not give up because something may seem challenging or time-consuming, things will go in your favour if you dedicate time and energy to them. Wear the colour blue to enhance your communication.

December –  You’re ending the year on a high Scorpio.  You are ready to dream new dreams and achieve new things.  Again you have many opportunities open to you for excitement and adventure.  You love to try new things and experience all the pleasures life has to offer.  End your year with excitement and with fresh plans in mind for 2020. Be social in December, have fun and look forward with a grateful heart.


Your 2019 is shaping up to be a wonderful year for you Scorpio, particularly in the areas of love and new opportunities.  This will be a year filled with luck and adventure for you. Your colour for the year is Blue, especially royal blue and your archangel is the archangel Gabriel.  Work on your communication skills and everything will fall into place. Wishing you an abundant and prosperous 2019. Let me know how you found this angelscope.