It’s midterm here and the girls are wrestling with routine. Working around the kids is nothing new to me. The bottom right picture is them the year I opened Indigo Grace. At that time I still had 2 in nappies.

Its funny looking back now, just how far we’ve come. The 3 minnies as my girls call us. The top right picture was taken almost 6 years ago now, at that time I weighed 7 and a half stone and I was incredibly ill. You won’t know that by the photo because I have my face made up and the tan on.

At the time that photo was taken I had a gaping hole at my diaphragm after a gallbladder removal gone wrong! It took 12 weeks to repair that hole. I was at that point in my marraige where I was so frustrated and couldnt see a way out. I was struggling with anxiety and depression. And we were broke…really, really broke.

Life was horrible at that time, really not a nice life to have.

I had made decisions then I trapped myself in their outcomes. As you can see my girls are steps of the stairs, I had one after the other and married their dad because I felt that was the right thing to do given our circumstances at that time. I was sick from stress.

I couldn’t even entertain healing because why did I deserve that?! That was my mindset at the time.

Then Spirituality came into my life (not for the first time). I came accross EFT, Crystals, Angels when I was 14/15 but at that age those things are pretty uncool and I couldn’t be convinced these things worked. But then there I was 24 years old and everything was falling around my ears and it came around again.

I was given the chance to go on a psychic development course and thanks to my parents I was able to go. I remember although curious I didnt want to be there. My mind was a horrible place to be and sitting there that first night surrounded by enthusiastic and excited people, I felt like a huge fraud.

The night started with grounding, protection and meditation – the spiritual basics as I now call them. I remember the grounding felt surreal but I was intrigued and the meditation blew me away. For the first time in years I had space in my head, quietness. It was amazing!

I needed that space so badly, I had lost a handle on my own existence. My mind was constantly bombarding me with negative thoughts and everything I thought was happening. It was exhausting.

Week two we learned to connect to our intuitions, to trust our gut feelings. I never felt as connected to my own self before that night.

By the end of the 4 weeks I had done a complete turn around. I ended my marraige, I dumped my anxiety and anti-anti-depressants in the bin, I got a job, I paid my debts off, I stayed on my spiritual path.

One year later I opened Indigo Grace, 25 years old with two babies, and if I didnt have my parents to support me it would never have happened.

I was lucky to have supportive people in my life who embraced my path as much as I did. Not everyone has that luxury.

But even with support I needed community, I needed people I could share with, learn with, grow with. And If I needed that, then I wasn’t alone.

2 years into the Indigo Grace journey, thats when the Soul Sanctuary started. That was my way to help people like me with ordinary lives, to embrace spirituality and to know that whatever was going on in their lives there was a safe place for them to just be themselves.

I made it online so that people like me, with responsibilities like children could partake. I made it affordable, so that people like me with responsibilities could afford it. I made it easy, practical and fun, so that you, a person just like me could partake and not feel it was some difficult process to be more spiritual.

I made a community, one I’m grateful for everyday because I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever made in my whole life. In fact I just had dinner last night with 3 of them.

When I went for my divorce, the Soul Sanctuary supported me. When I had my hand operated on last year the Soul Sanctuary supported me.

I didn’t create the Soul Sanctuary to be a product for sale, I created it to be a safe haven for spiritually curious souls.

Life has changed time and time again but one thing has remained consistant, my spiritual journey and my desire to be in the Soul Sanctuary.

We are always learning, growing, evolving, sharing, caring and supporting each other.

Now that’s a blessing!

­čĺť┬áTrudie x

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