Beautiful Taurus welcome to your 2019 Angelscope. These Angelscopes have been created using a combination of Angel Cards and messages from the Angels & Spirit. All messages are intended to be filled with loving, supportive guidance to make your 2019 an amazing year.

January – Your January should be filled with planning and organizing, Taurus. Take a moment to reflect how 2018 was a year where your energy was pushed and pulled in many directions and chances are you didn’t achieve everything you wanted or lived how you wanted. This is not the case in 2019, the year is yours to do what you like with! But what do you like? What interests you? Work that out in January, find new interests, try new things and get excited for what’s to come. Romance energy is strong in January, lots of Tauruses will be drawn to new relationships and friendships, particularly in the latter half of the month.

February – February is a fascinating and interesting month for Tauruses, a seven year cycle will come to an end. Particularly cycles of self-sabotage. Pay attention to your intuition in February, you are being called to higher things. You may have a desire to clear out, let go, do any releasing rituals that you are drawn to. Allow yourself the time to let go and chances are a lot of Tauruses will be re-decorating rooms and houses throughout the month of February to mark their new beginnings.

March – Taurus, you may find March a little bit of an emotional upheaval, but trust that time heals all wounds. It’s very natural as much as you like to keep them covered up, for emotions to come to the surface every now and again. Know that your Angels are with you giving you comfort even through the minor and major moments. Aside from that you may find that you have a few obstacles in your path through March, your choice how big or difficult they will be, reaction is key!

April – Taurus, April is going to be a beautiful month for you. Filled with finer things that please the senses. All the hard work you’ve been doing is leading you towards greater things and April is a month where your work is being recognised! It’s time to charge forward and chase your dreams. Here’s a song for you –

May – Romance energy is again very strong around May for you, perfect time for new relationships, strengthening bonds and deeper commitments. It’s time for you to start pushing forward in a new direction, I see options opening up for you that you may not have considered even possible before now. Let any straggly bits from the past go now and embrace the newness. Life is good, Taurus, enjoy it!

June – June is a wonderful month for you Taurus. June is a month where you will find passion, excitement, opportunity, wonder and inspiration. You have doors open to you in June that will lead to amazing things. Trust in yourself, believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to and know that you are meant for great things. Definitely consider taking a holiday in June, you deserve the relaxation and need to recharge your batteries.

July – July is also another wonderful month for you Taurus positive thinking will keep you in balance and on an enlightened path. Success seems to be a key word for you this year and July is another month where you are being recognized. If you work in a sales environment, are self-employed or have targets to meet, trust that this will be your year to excel but even on a personal level you are going to do amazing things and feel amazing. Another song for you –  Katrina and the Waves Walking on the sunshine

August – Another Love filled month for you Taurus. When I speak of love it also includes the vibrations of friendship and family and August is going to be a month where there seems to be so much unity and harmony in your life. You seem to start a new cycle, where you are living your happily ever after. Family gatherings and time spent my friends and loved ones will be very valuable to you through the month of August. Green is your colour this month and spend as much time in nature as you can.

September – September is the month where you will need your strength but don’t give in to easily to your bull like nature. Show grace and compassion to others, believe in yourself and know that even though you might have to turn down your nature a little bit it is for your own good. Work with the archangel Ariel to help bring your grace forward be mindful of other strong willed people, in particular anybody who is an Aries. It would do you well to avoid confrontation or problems with these people.

October – October sees you Taurus having fast, fun change. Something new begins in your life and again you seem to be taking a new direction or a new path. Trust that the options you take in October are leading you towards more inner peace, harmony and happiness. Again you must believe in yourself and trusting your intuition. Any delays or things that have not progressed as you would like are certainly moving forward at this time. For many Tauruses, house moves may be particularly prominent in the month of October.

November – Throughout November Taurus remember to go out and have fun, childlike, innocent fun. Allow yourself to experience life through the eyes of a child where innocence and wonder are all they see. November will be a month or we’ll see lots of Tauruses conceive or news of a family member or close friend conceiving. Old friendships and ex-lovers will come back into your life. Be mindful not to allow people back in who have not changed or have not done a similar amount of growth as you. Use our intuition to discern who is for your highest good and who is not. Green is also a powerful colour for you to wear, work with and use through the month of November.


December – Love is again another prominent feature throughout the month of December, particularly from the middle of the month to the end of the month. We will hear of lots of Tauruses getting engaged and/or committing into their relationships even more and for some finding new love. The relationships that Tauruses form this year will be with relationships that last a very long time, if not a lifetime. Again this is a month for you to continue charging forward. Review your year and rejoice in the happiness, the love and the wonderfulness that you will experience this year. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work that you’ve done and all the things that you’ve achieved


Your Archangel for the year is the Archangel Jeremial. Jeremial, will help you with your new beginnings, he will help you to see paths and options that are open to you and he will even help you in your relationships to commit and open your heart. Green is definitely your colour this year in particular emerald-green. This will help with your heart chakra, love and success. Spend time near water as often as possible and ground yourself as often as you need to. A rainbow is your sign from spirit that all is well and your prayers have been heard. Have an amazing 2019 and let me know how this angel scope has been for you!