The Soul Circle

Welcome to The Soul Circle!

2020 has been a shitshow, let’s be real and we are feeling it in some way, shape, or form. Things we planned aren’t happening, loved ones are sick are at risk of getting sick. We hear death tolls and messages of fear every single day.

I know from the many hundreds of people I have spoken to this year that the vast majority of us are just plodding along, trying to get to the end of the week or month, struggling until payday comes, afraid to live a little in case the world goes back into pandemonium.

We are also losing sight of our goals and dreams, our aspirations for the future. It’s like we’re stuck in a time warp of shite and quite simply, I’ve had enough!

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Girls, I’ve been here before and more than once!

I’ve hit the rock bottom, wrote my name in the dirt, and wallowed in that space for as long as I let myself. And do you know what I’ve found? Sweet fuck all, just more shite and misery!

So lucky for me, someone came along at my lowest point (which was anxiety and postnatal depression) and showed me the light!

And the light is…. that you run this show, you are in control, you are creating your existence and if you don’t like it, fucking change it!

And it’s only when you get to that point of realization that you can actually turn this shit show around!

So are you here? Are you ready for this?

Let me be super clear if you are looking for me to hold your hand and promise you rainbows and unicorns, you are already in the wrong place.

If you are ready for some real mother-fucking change then read on…..

I made this for you!

The Soul Circle is a place for you to come, where you can tap back into the power of your mindset. To realize that you control your destiny & that you are far more capable than you think.

This is a space for the free thinkers, the growers, the do-ers, those of us who are willing to take our lives by the balls and shake it up!

It’s for you if you love a dollop of Spirituality mixed in with mindset and magic.

Here’s what I’m gonna do…

I’m going to provide you with the tools you need to change your mindset.

I’m going to provoke you, make you uncomfortable, push you to dream big, and make you wanna shake your world up. I’m going to show up every week, same time, the same place, and make you think!

I’m going to show you what I do in my life!

I am going to provide you with guest experts, leaders, motivators, inspirational people, who walk their talk.

I’m going to share with you the Spiritual Tools you need to apply to everyday life!

But I am not…

Going to hold hands

Make the changes for you.

Promise you rainbows, pixies, and unicorns.

Tell you it will all be ok.

I want you to have the best, I want you to have health, happiness, love, and all the good stuff. I want it for myself too and everything in my teachings, I do and trust me, I am so far removed from my old shit show of life that I know I’m the right person to teach you this!

So if you are ready to show up for you, ready to do the work, make the changes and live the life you love then click the button, I’m ready to take this journey with you!

How can I help you?

About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, I was in a shit show of marriage, and I was flat broke. Not only all that but I was Negative Nelly, the glass was always half empty and life was freaking hard! The only thing I could have taught you 8 years ago was how to get exactly what you don’t want.

But this is 2020 and my god, I’ve changed. I’ve taken the person I was before and turned me into someone you would not recognize. I’ve ticked off goals, dreams, and aspirations and I firmly believe the glass is always half full!

I’ve met the love of my life, between us we share three beautiful and brilliant children. I live in a home that I love. I spend my time with the most amazing people and I work a business that I adore for 6 years now!

Spirituality, Mindset, and Motivation, I love it all, I live it all and I include it all in my work. This is me!

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Who is the Soul Circle for?

- The Spiritually Curious
- Free – Thinkers, Do-ers, Growers,
- The fed up but ready for change
- The ready for change people

What will The Soul Circle do for you?

There is so much The Soul Circle can do for you but I think the main points are:
- Learn to set Goals and stick to them
- Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
- Increased Intuition
- Understand how to be focused and present
-Help you to interpret signs you may receive.
- Increased connection with Spirit
- Positive Mindset
- Help you to manifest the life & relationships you desire.
- Help you to understand your life purpose and show you your full potential!

What will you get?

- Instant access to our members area
- A private Facebook Group for members only.
- Monday Magic – A live every Monday morning with Trudie, based around Mindset, Motivation, Blocks, etc
- The ability to ask questions and receive answers everyday!
- Guest Expert live every week!
- Thankful Thursday – high vibe day dedicated to gratitude!
- Weekly Healing with Marie – a gorgeous reiki healing sent to all group members and their pets!

And so much more!!

What’s the investment?

The Soul Circle costs €15 a month.

There are no hidden charges or fees!

You can hang around for as long as you like. You have complete control of your membership and can cancel at any time, no questions asked!

I like to think that you will know if the Soul Circle is the perfect fit for you right now on your journey.

The €15 a month investment is minimal in comparison to the value you receive and the connections you will make!

I am so excited for you to join us and I know you will enjoy it as much as we do!