Beautiful Virgo, welcome to your 2019 Angelscope. These Angelscopes have been created using a combination of Angel Cards and messages from the Angels & Spirit. All messages are intended to be filled with loving, supportive guidance to make your 2019 an amazing year.


January – Oooh Virgo, your going to be awarded an opportunity to do or be part of something amazing in January. Are you ready to say YES and start your year off with a bang?? Your feeling very inspired through January, take that inspiration and use it to your advantage. Use the little light bulb moments to sort some loose ends up in your life!!


February – Love is all you need Virgo and February is all about the love energy coming to you. Single Virgos, here’s your chance to meet someone new, but your not gonna do that sat at home on the couch are you? Get out, smile, laugh, enjoy and your perfect person will be attracted to your wonderful energy! Committed Virgos, bring your loved ones even closer by having days out, nights in all together. Perfect time to end any family drama.


March – 2018 wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs was it Virgo? But 2019 is not the same at all, in fact 2019 and in particular around March your gonna be called to shake up your life. Your ready to dream new dreams and take inspired action to be where you wanna be. It’s not selfish and your totally ready so jump in!


April – Virgo – Love yourself! You may be feeling so much more energetically better already this year but you’re definitely not on top of your bad habits so in April, eat better, sleep better, do the exercise that you can do. Say no to things you don’t wanna do and be so much nicer in your self talk, get on board as best you can with this and April will be a wonderful time for you.


May – Oooh Virgo, your love story in 2019 is much like a fairytale. I see smiles, care-free laughter, good times and good people. May calls for reasons to celebrate, abundance coming to you and if you can adopt a fuck-it attitude to negative people/situations you’ll be on top of the world.


June – Virgo you’ve got the look of love in your eyes through June too. Be mindful though that your not over-analyzing your relationships and that your purely listening to your intuition. From that you’ll know all you need to know, just trust it and go with the flow. Try not to spend too much time alone, lost in your head. You’ll only end up making up stories and not all stories are based on fact are they?


July – Virgo, can you let the past go? It’s making you judge things in the present through July, that are not anywhere near the same as your past experiences. Virgo, stop and think are you making a mountain out of a molehill? There’s a better way of handling this, maybe going with the flow is all you need to do right now, but comparison is definitely not the way forward.


August – You might just be moving house in August Virgo if that’s the right thing for your family or relationship. You’ve also got your own dreams and goals to focus on too and a move could give you the space to do just that. If your not moving house, you will need to find a space for you to grow in so bear that in mind. Here’s your new beginning, you’ve put the past to rest and your ready to move on into the light!


September – Dreams do come true, Virgo and yours are no exception. Believe in yourself, there is nothing you cannot achieve!! Your difficulties and challenges are behind your now and the energy of magic and wonder is all around you, enjoy this magickal time and get ready for new adventures. I see travel and excitement being two big players before your year is out.


October – Don’t be surprised Virgo if you feel called to doing a big cleanse in your life come October, Virgo. You feel the overwhelming need to cut out toxic people, bad reminders, anything that is not serving your higher purpose. Your on the fast track to success now and there’s nothing and no-one getting in your way.


November – You can be a little stubborn my Virgo friend, but November sees you relaxing your heels and asking for the help you need. Trust the perfect people or person for the job will be put on your path. You can do anything, but not everything so ask for help and you’ll get more done. Chase those dreams, they are in reach!!


December – Through December, Spirit will be spending a lot of time very close to you, don’t be at all surprised if your seeing and hearing them as clear as the words on this page. They want to help you plan your next steps, your ready for more magic to happen but you’ve got to get the plan in place to achieve it and Spirit will be sending you all kinds of signs to help with just that!


Your Archangel for the year is Haniel, to help you trust your intuition more and the colour Amethyst to open up that third eye, even more. Your an intuitive soul, trust that you’ve got what it takes within to turn this year into your best one yet!


Have a blessed 2019