We are all dying…

Literally, a little bit more everyday. Each day we are here, each breath we take, we are one step closer to the last. And yet in the days in between our first breath and our last we are dying even more.

Dying for the weekend

Dying to finish work

Dying to get home

Dying to be skinny

Dying to be happy

Dying to be loved.

We are killing our own spirit, every day, we express how unhappy we are. We express how our life isn’t the way we want it to be. We express how we are waiting for something outside of our selves to come in and make us happy.

I’ve spent years dying

Dying to have good friends, dying for payday, dying for a night free of the kids, dying for sleep, dying for love, dying to be happy, dying to be free. Dying to be me above all else.

I’ve lost years in the trap of dying, caught up in the unhappiness that can be found when your focused on how long it takes for life to change. I was so focused on what I was dying for that I forgot what I was living for. I didn’t know my purpose, I didn’t know my worth or my value in this world, I didn’t know that so much of my life was slipping by me and I was unconsciously existing.

I made myself sick and depressed in the endless pursuit of happiness. I made myself angry and bitter in the endless search for love. I made myself unhealthy in the endless pursuit of physical perfection. I lost myself in the endless pursuit of finding myself. I was dying a little more everyday

And one day I realized that I am here and not everyone gets to wake up everyday, so who am I to take all this for granted. And that was the day I stopped dying and I started living. And that’s when I found happiness because I was here, present in the moment, appreciative of all that I have and all that I am yet to receive. That’s when I found love, with myself, with my life, because I am love and love is all around me, all of the time, it never needs to be searched for. That’s when I found my health, when I released the shackles of my toxic mind and above all else that’s when I found myself. I was never lost. The real me was lying just under the surface of negative words and actions, waiting to shine.

And now everythings changed, now I’m happy by choice, healthy by choice, loved by choice, me by choice and I’m living by choice! Not dying, I’m a living, breathing, vibrant energy that is thankful to be here, to experience and to learn.

Stop dying, start living, life is waiting for you to just take a chance on yourself!